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JENNE embodies Parisienne style, an ethos to which we are strongly dedicated.
We launched our new Made in Japan Series to perfectly express this concept.

JENNE’s concept

  • Simple, elegant Parisienne style
  • Comfortable yet stylish
  • Timeless designs

Features of the JENNE Made in Japan Series

To make JENNE clothing, we start by carefully selecting yarn with good stretchiness for better comfort.
We also have many products made with tightly-knitted fabric for a feminine, elegant look.
A high level of technical skill is needed to use material of this type. Many flares and gathers are added, and piping is used on sewn parts so even the reverse side looks attractive.
Furthermore, pattern design based on thorough knowledge of Japanese women’s body types is also necessary to create flattering garments.

We selected and toured Japanese factories to ensure this high level of technical skill.
Japanese artisans are highly specialized and skilled in pattern making, fabric management, and sewing.
We were confident that they would fulfill JENNE’s uncompromising dedication and passion to produce ideal clothing.

The first in the series is the famous "Gosen Knit"

JENNE Gosen Knit

Sophisticated designs and world-class sewing techniques

Gosen City

Gosen City in Niigata Prefecture has been producing knit fabric since the postwar era of rapid economic growth. Today it is a major production area for knit fabric, which unites the region.
The entire knit fabric production process is carried out in this region. Factories have advanced technologies in each production process, from yarn and fabric management to patterns, sewing, and pressing.
These products made with high-quality knitting, cutting, attaching, and processing techniques are recognized in Japan and across the world.

Sewing skills of the highest level in the world

The first step is pattern making

The first step in Gosen Knit production is pattern making, just like with woven fabric products.
Pattern knowledge, specialized in knit fabric, is used to design a three-dimensional pattern that fits the body comfortably (just like when making woven fabric items).

Craftsmanship in each process

Dedicated factories and artisans perform each process to make Gosen Knit fabric.
Knitting → Cutting → Sewing → Pressing
Highly specialized artisans carefully perform the tasks in each process to create fine-quality products.

High-level technologies for high quality

Artisans have expertise to make products that require extremely difficult techniques, such as the linking method used to attach sleeve and neck parts, and a technique for attaching knit fabric to other materials.
This results in beautiful silhouettes, fantastic fits, and quality that holds its shape.
That is why Gosen Knit fabric is so trusted by high-end brands in Japan and abroad.

Made in Japan Silk mixed boat neck check knit

  • Antibacterial, odor-resistant
  • Silk and cotton
  • Lonfresh yarn made in Japan

This material is made at a factory founded 60 years ago, starting with yarn selection.
Silk/cotton blended yarn is used for a refreshing, comfortable feel in the summer.
It is also antibacterial and odor-resistant to handle sweat and odors.

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It’s very best made in Japan! Keep going!

Claudie YEH October 26, 2021

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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

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