Fill your closet with excitement

How many favorite clothes are there in your closet?

I love clothes since I am a child.
When I was young, I used all my money in fashion.
In consequence, I have a lot of clothes in my closet.

But before going outside, I always lamented myself, thinking that
'I have nothing to wear.'

Still, there were bottoms and dresses that were "not a problem to wear" in my closet, stored as a lucky charm, and I wore these clothes on every important day.
The day I wear these clothes, I'm always praised and excited just by walking.

If you think about it.

Clothes like a lucky charm that overflows in your closet is not about the design of the trend,
It is such clothes that "make me look feminine and beautiful".
And they are not for one season only, there is a special place for them in my closet for the next years.

I'm sure there are such clothes in your closet too.

Imagine that.

If your closet were only filled with clothes that would uplift you like a lucky charm.
Wouldn't you be very excited?

Fashion, for the better or the worse, allows you to self-control your mood.

If you wear your favorite clothes every day and it makes yourself in a better mood.
Even on a depressing day, your steps may be a little lighter.

Not for anyone, but for yourself!

I would be happy if I could help you have a wonderful day wearing clothes that can also stretch your spine.
I design JENNE clothes while keeping that in mind.

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