Lovely Parisienne

When I first went to Paris, it was very surprising.
The fashion of old madam.

This means…

They enjoyed fashion by coordinating the color, pattern, accessories, and overall atmosphere very nicely than the younger generation of children.
I was sitting on the terrace of a café and looking at various people, they enjoyed the fact that the more they get old, the more fashionable they are.
That's how it looked!

Parisienne, who are walking in the city, enjoyed fashion with clothes that suited them, styles that suited them, colors that suited them, all with their own understanding.
I still remember being impressed by how wonderful it was.
At the same time, I felt that I want to be freed from clothes overflowing with the trend of mass production.

Having a lot of the latest clothes is fashion! If you wear a whole trend, it is fashionable!

When you are freed from such trend thinking, the possibilities of fashion expand a lot.

If this year's trend color doesn't look good on you, it's nonsense to wear it.

That because I'm sure I understand the color that suits me the best.
It's nonsense to giving up on fashion because I care about my age.
I want to enjoy fashion until the end of my life.

What if…

If you can understand yourself more and enjoy fashion, you will surely become a dignified and wonderful madam like the Parisienne.

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Love your style!

Toni October 26, 2021

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