Photo shooting in Paris

We had two models participate in this Paris photo shooting.

We'd like people to enjoy fashion regardless of age.
I have always wanted all women to enjoy JENNE, not just those who say, "I wish I was young enough to wear it."
I would be happy if I could be a source of power for women who want to enjoy life forever, regardless of their age, young or old.

This madam here started modeling in earnest after becoming the COVID-19 disaster.
I am really surprised. She is usually a makeup artist for movies.

During hair and makeup, she had something wonderful to say, so let me share it with you.
"I don't do anything to my face. Aging comes to everyone. It is much nicer to enjoy beautiful flowers and a good meal with everyone than to resist aging." She said.

She did have wrinkles and I could feel the years she had lived, but she was a truly attractive and beautiful woman.
She was so powerful that you could feel that she was enjoying life more than anything else.
She was more energetic and mischievous than anyone else during the shoot.
"How about this pose?"
She made us laugh and created a fun atmosphere.

As she was leaving, she said, "I hope YUKA's business will do well!" She left coolly with a cigarette in his hand.
We hope you will enjoy the photos of her from different perspectives that will appear on JENNE's website in the fall and winter.

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