Made in Japan Whole Garment Knit

What is whole garment knit?

In ordinary sweaters, the body, sleeves, and neck are made separately and sewn together using a method called "quilling.
In "whole garment knit", the entire sweater is knit from a single thread, without "quilling".

Knit with advanced technology made in Japan

“F.I. Knit" is a knit production company that has been in business for decades.
With Japan's unique and advanced technology that knits everything from a single thread without using sewing, F.I. Knit continues to produce high quality knit products for many well-known apparel companies.

Advantages of whole garment knit

Advantages 1 - Environmentally friendly

The ultimate eco-friendly knit that leaves no shreds during production.
It is an environmentally friendly knit with a low burden on the environment.

Advantages 2 - Beautiful silhouette

The absence of seams prevents leaning, and beautiful lines can be achieved from all angles, making it ideal for women's items.

Advantages 3 - Comfortable wearing feel

The lack of seam allowance eliminates stiffness, and the lightweight, comfortable feel makes for stress-free wear.
This is also recommended for those who tend to avoid knitwear because they don't like the feeling of seam allowance against their skin.

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