Action leather ballet with tulle bow

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Item Description


These ballet shoes are decorated with delicate dotted tulle ribbon.
They are made of an eco-friendly material called "action leather," which is made of finely chopped leather scraps coated with polyurethane, and are characterized by a good fit that increases as the wearer wears them.
It is scratch-resistant and water-repellent, so it is as easy to care for as synthetic leather.
The ballet shoes are decorated with ribbons made of multiple layers of dotted tulle, giving them a cute yet elegant essence.
The use of high quality materials ensures that the tulle does not become too sweet and can be worn with an adult look.
A soft, high-quality fur insole is included for comfort during the winter months.

Fabric [Upper]
Surface: Synthetic leather
Back: Natural leather
Nylon, polyester, rayon
[Sole] Synthetic sole
Country of origin China
  • Design and color may be slightly different from photos.
  • Due to the nature of the material, the color may fade due to wetting, perspiration, friction, etc. Please be careful of color migration when wearing light-colored socks or clothing.
  • Since the color tends to fade when wet, please apply waterproof spray before use on rainy days.

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