Black watch check flared skirt

Color: Checkered

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Item Description

This is an adult skirt with a classical silhouette.
The skirt's three-dimensional feel and moderate volume give it an elegant retro look, like the heroine in an old movie.
The taut tulle material inside the skirt keeps a good volume.
The overall silhouette is designed in a pattern that looks beautiful and does not give a juvenile impression.

Fabric Surface: 51% polyester, 20% acrylic, 12% rayon, 7% wool, 5% cotton, 5% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester
Laundry Dry cleaning
Country of origin China
  • Design and color may differ slightly from the photos.
  • Because of its three-dimensional cutting, size notation is slightly different.
  • The tulle is of a bouncy, slightly stiff type to give volume.
  • The tulle is sewn onto the skirt and cannot be removed.

Reference dimension

  • Model: A
    Height: 5'1(156cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: B
    Height: 5'6(169cm)
    Size: M

  • Model: C
    Height: 5'7(170cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: D
    Height: 5'2(160cm)
    Size: M

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