Brand Concept

A brand for cute adult women, not coming from fashion that just follow the trend, with the Parisienne concept "I want to make myself look beautiful, and cherish it for a long time".
JENNE started with such a concept.

My favorite taste never changes.
If I could fill my closet with clothes that adult women will be excited about year by year…
JENNE started with that thought.

I still vividly remember when I first landed in Paris, being shocked by the way old madam enjoyed their own fashion.

Not bound by trends or age, they genuinely enjoy fashion and tastes despite their age.
And that Parisienne style that firmly has elegance even in casual.
I was made to confirm again that fashion is free.

When I wear JENNE clothes, I look simple but feminine. Even if it is comfortable to wear, the style looks good. I'm somehow excited.
I take such an element with attention and design each one with devotion.

Yuka Usami

Clothes free from trends is an endless possibility.
They can be worn without fading for years and years.
I would be incredibly happy if I could help fill your closet with excitement.

JENNE Designer Yuka Usami
Yuka Usami

Company Profile

Corporate Name
Jenne International Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Akira Usami
Board Director
Yuka Usami
3F-1-12 Kamitsutsumicho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken 920-0869 Japan
Business description
Clothing, planning, manufacturing, import and export of clothing, domestic and overseas sales of these products