Macaron eco-fur bag

¥16,200 ¥18,000
Color: Pink

Ships within 3 business days to the world.

Item Description


This handbag looks like a macaroon.
The bag is made of high quality eco-fur and can be worn as an accessory while enjoying a rich atmosphere.
The inside lining is designed in a color scheme reminiscent of macaroon cream, adding a sense of fun for adults.
Although it is small and has no gussets, it can hold a mini wallet, card case, lipstick, keys, and other necessary items.
There is an open pocket inside.
It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, making it a two-way bag.

Fabric [Main body]
Base fabric: Polyester
Pile: Acrylic
[Back side] Polyester
[Handle] Synthetic leather
Country of origin China
  • Design and color may be slightly different from photos.
  • Pearls might have some color irregularities, scratches or dullness.
  • Please keep away from fire as it is sensitive to heat due to the characteristics of the material.
  • Faux fur may cause hair disorder and pilling due to repeated use, etc., due to its characteristics.
  • Faux fur may cause the fur to fall out due to its characteristics.
  • Especially at the beginning of use, the fur often falls out and settles down after a while.
  • The maximum length of the attached shoulder is approximately 135 cm.

Shipping note

The terms of sales are DDU "Delivered Duty Unpaid". The price shown not include such items as VAT, import duty, tax and other unpredictable charges against middleman and agents. Therefore, customers may be required to pay customs duties and consumption taxes at the time of importation.

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