Made in Japan silk retro flower scarf

Color: Blue

Ships within 3 business days to the world.

Item Description


This scarf has an impressive floral pattern with a retro feel printed on a large scale.
The original floral pattern is printed in Japan on high quality 100% silk fabric made in Japan.
The JENNE logo print is subtly inserted in the pattern, and the form of the flowers of various sizes has been carefully selected to create this original pattern.
The elegant colors are changed on the front and back sides to make it reversible, which is a key point of this item.
The size is designed to be used in a variety of situations.
Wrap it around your head as a turban for an elegant look, or use it as a hair accessory to add an essence to your coordination.

Fabric 100% silk
Country of origin Japan
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, it may become slightly fluffy or whitish when worn or rubbed during cleaning.
  • Please note that the color may fade or transfer to other products due to perspiration, wetting, or friction.
  • Please note that strong friction or excessive force may cause the yarn to slip and open up.
  • Please be aware that the fabric may become sunburned or discolored if it is exposed to direct sunlight or lighting for long periods of time.
  • The surface of the fabric may have neps or color shading, which is a characteristic of silk fabrics.

Shipping note

The terms of sales are DDP "Delivered Duty Paid". The price shown include such items as VAT, import duty, tax and other unpredictable charges against middleman and agents.

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