Made in Japan UV cut flared skirt

Color: Blue

Item Description


This skirt is made of high-quality material made in Japan and is carefully made in a Japanese factory.
This long skirt has a UV cut function so you can have peace of mind even when spending time outdoors in the summer sun.
It also has a sweat-absorbing quick-drying function so you can wear it comfortably all day without worrying about dampness. It uses a refined, high-functioning material made with a blend of cotton and hemp.
The beautiful Japanese fabrication stands out precisely because the design is so simple.
One of its features is the wide waistband which accentuates the waist.
It has deep pockets on both sides.

Fabric [Surface]Polyester80%, Cotton15%, Linen5%
Laundry Dry cleaning/Handwash
Country of origin Japan
Item number a21ss-sk12
  • Design and color may differ slightly from the photos.
  • Because of its three-dimensional cutting, size notation is slightly different.
  • The back-waist part is made of rubber and is elastic. Please check +5 centimeters as a guide.
  • UV shielding rate is about 96%.

Reference dimension

  • Model: A
    Height: 5'1(156cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: B
    Height: 5'6(169cm)
    Size: M

  • Model: C
    Height: 5'7(170cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: D
    Height: 5'2(160cm)
    Size: M

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