Organic cotton JENNE V-neck striped knit top

Color: Black

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Item Description

This is a V-neck knit made of organic cotton yarn.
This is a versatile item that can be washed in the washing machine (hand wash mode).
The stripes are elegantly arranged, making this border knit look less casual.
It is a simple yet beautiful knit with a neckline that shows off your collarbone beautifully.
It has a sleek silhouette, so you can wear it with a variety of bottoms from skirts to pants.
You can use it with various bottoms from skirts to pants.
It is a very easy knit to handle, with no prickly feeling and no pilling.
It is a material that can be enjoyed for a long season.

Fabric Cotton72%, Nylon28%
Laundry Machine washable(hand wash mode) / Dry cleaning
Country of origin China
Item number wei21aw-nt06
  • Design and color may be slightly different from photos.
  • Because of its three-dimensional cutting, size notation might be slightly different.
  • When using a washing machine, please wash in a very low water flow (hand wash mode, etc.) with the water temperature limited to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • White is slightly translucent, so a beige inner layer is recommended.

Reference dimension

  • Model: A
    Height: 5'1(156cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: B
    Height: 5'6(169cm)
    Size: M

  • Model: C
    Height: 5'7(170cm)
    Size: S

  • Model: D
    Height: 5'2(160cm)
    Size: M

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