[Vacation for adults]

We put a lot of thought into the word "vacation".
It seems that Japan has been bound by corona regulations for a longer period of time than other countries.
We designed the clothes with the thought that we will finally be able to spend a real free vacation in the spring/summer of 2024 after being freed from the long-lasting restrictions of life.
Rather than saying, "Let's go to the resort," we are thinking of freeing our minds and regaining the freedom that we have endured for so long.
We also have clothes designed to be a little more liberating.

I really want to wear this kind of clothes, but...,
I wonder if it would be okay for me to wear it.
I want to wear it someday.

We would be happy if you could throw away all those worries and enjoy fashion.
You never know when you won't be able to be fashionable.
That is why you should be honest about your feelings without worrying about anyone else.
Clothes are a tool to enrich your feelings.
Please enjoy your daily clothing choices with your feelings in mind.

Items that can be used for everyday wear, but can also be worn on special occasions when you want to dress up.
This is JENNE's commitment to the greediness of adults.
There are not so many special days, so we want you to color your feelings with our clothes so that every day feels like a special day.
We have designed each item with all our hearts to be your cheering squad, your battle uniform, and your existence like that.

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What I love about this brand is that we're creating pieces that are worn over and over. It's not about seasons and we don't work to trends.

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